We received yesterday at 3:00 pm new information from the Governor’s office about a change in their decision.  We are back to where we were on Sunday! The golf course will remain open and we will be serving take-out orders as before.
During this time, we are making it mandatory to prepay for your tee time online at the time of booking, as well as over the phone. This will continue to assist in the social distancing and interaction between employees and guests. This practice is being put into place to ensure the safety of everyone.
We will be taking these precautions for both the Clubhouse and course:

Course Precautions

Golf Carts:
 We encourage all Members to walk, if possible. As has been our policy, public players must take a cart. If two golfers are from the same home, they will be permitted to share one cart. Ideally each golfer will have his/her own cart. If the number of available carts limits our ability to fully implement this policy, we will use our best common sense to ensure the safety of all players. Golf carts are being disinfected after each round.

 We are asking all golfers to leave the flagsticks in at all times in order to minimize the possibility of transmitting any disease.

Bunker Rakes/Ball Washers/Water Coolers:
 All have been removed from the golf course and will return when it is safe to do so for the same reason as described above about flagsticks.

 All staff will be wearing gloves when interacting with customers to ensure the safety for all parties.

The maximum number of occupants in the clubhouse at one time is 10 people, including staff. Please adhere to the “X’s” on the floor to comply with Section 15 of the “Stay at Home” act!
What confusion!!  We apologize for that, but our previous updates were published based on the information we were given from the state at that time.  Those instructions changed at 3:00 pm yesterday.  I am quite sure that the Governor and his team are doing the best they can…..However, stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience.  We look forward to seeing you out on the course soon!


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